4 Ways to Ensure Your Recreation Software Implementation Is a Success

4 Ways to Ensure Your Recreation Software Implementation Is a Success

So your organization put in the time, did the research and after a long decision process, settled on a recreation software that will take your operations and community to a new level. Congrats! But the work's not done just yet. Implementing the new recreation management platform is the next big step. Here are 4 tips to ensure your project is a success.


1. Start By Getting on the Same Page

The first step in this process is to ensure both you and your recreation software partner are on the same page. Define what is important to your organization and communicate this to your vendor. What were your goals for implementing new software? What are your must-have requirements? Are you looking for customization? Certain integrations?


2. Outline a Timeline 

Collaborate with your recreation software partner to get an outline of your project's timeline along with key milestones. This will help the project stay on track, especially if the implementation will take months to complete. Your recreation software vendor should have ideally worked with other cities and municipalities and have a established process in place as well as a proven track record of successful implementations. 


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3.Consider a Dry Run 

Ideally your implementation should have a beta test period and dry runs to ensure your system is customized to your liking and there are no major issues before rolling it out. This also gives your team a chance to start the training process and provide their insights. Ensure that your recreation software partner gives you access to a long-term account manager, ongoing support and a training team that will not only give you initial training, but continues to help you advance your knowledge of the software and features. 


4. Establish Workflows

Once you have access to the automation features and other capabilities of your recreation management software, chances are that you will need to update some of your team's processes and workflows. During the implementation process, take some time to evaluate and revamp your team's workflows and procedures to ensure that they are leveraging the new tools and features available to you.


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At the end of the day, the success of your implementation also depends a lot on your recreation software partner - so ensure you've chosen the right one! Always check your chosen vendor has a proven track record of successful implementations. Ask to see case study examples and make sure they have experience in parks and recreation departments and understand the needs of the industry. 

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