Family Focused Facilities: Creating Programs that Attract New Members

Family Focused Facilities: Creating Programs that Attract New Members

Family-friendly programs can help attract a number of new members for your organization. Especially for young families, having the ability to include everyone, young and old, is an important factor in their decision-making. In offering inclusive, family-focused activities and programs, you won’t just bring in one new member, but their entire family, as well as their friends who may also have young children and prefer to do things as a unit.


Focus on the Target

The most important thing is to remember who you are serving—families! Families come in all shapes and sizes, but you should always err on the side of caution and plan activities that allow young children to be included since “family-friendly” is usually associated with “kid-friendly.” When creating such programming, think about whether or not it’s appropriate for children as well.


Promote Family Needs

Young families need all the time they can get. With the new additions to their family, it can be hard to balance the important things in life like friends and fitness. Your organization should offer programs that incorporate these things, such as fitness classes for mothers that also include childcare, or educational classes that help young families adjust to life with new responsibilities. Not only will parents and children be able to meet new people, but also they’ll be more likely to spread the word once they see the positive effects of these programs.


Suit the Needs of the Children

One way to entice families to join your organization is by catering to the needs of the children and creating children’s programs in which parents may also participate. Think of this as programs for children and “adult-care” for the parents. Parents have the space and opportunity to connect as their children learn about nature, get a jump start on math, partake in science experiments, and more. This type of children-focused programming will bring in more families since the children will want their friends to join as well. Parents can then explore what else your organization has to offer.


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