Employee Activation: Promoting Active Lifestyles in your Organization

Employee Activation: Promoting Active Lifestyles in your Organization

Many studies have shown that employers who commit to the well-being of their employees create a more positive work environment. Physical activity has been shown to decrease the likelihood of such health conditions as coronary heart disease , stroke, osteoporosis, and more. Through promoting active lifestyles outside and during work hours, you can help create a happier and healthier staff, which in turn can result in reduced sickness absences, lower work-related stress, and increased productiveness within your organization.

Here’s how to introduce physical activity to your organization and keep your staff happy and healthy.


Provide Opportunities

Before encouraging your employees to engage in physical activity, decide whether or not you would like to allow your staff to work flexible hours that will accommodate for physical activity, such as longer lunch breaks. Providing fitness classes, if space allows, during lunch can also promote a more active staff. Many fitness centers and gyms offer discounts on membership to companies and organizations or large enough groups. Local fun runs, races , and sponsored walks are also great opportunities for your staff to engage in physical activity, while also acting as a fun method of team building.


Give Them Incentive

Especially for those who are a little more competitive within your organization, creating a corporate challenge with prizes or other incentives that requires physical activity provides a positive type of motivation. For example, you could ask your staff to log hours spent engaging in physical activity (such as walking or jogging ) and reward individuals or teams that were the most physical within a certain time period. Local marathons can be a good way to either put your team to the test or pit groups of employees who train together against each other, with the best time winning a distinction for their squad.


Make It Fun

For some, health and fitness can seem like a chore but, with the right activities or incentives, it can become fun for your staff. Consider arranging a team or corporate getaway that involves physical activities that a majority of your staff can participate in, such as a hike. Not only will this help your employees engage in physical activity but it can also encourage team building.


Education is Key

The most important aspect of introducing physical activity is education and sharing with your staff the importance and benefits of physical activity, such as preventing a number of health problems that are generally a result of a lack exercise. While introducing physical activity to your organization can pique the interest of your staff, proper education will help your staff more readily maintain an active lifestyle. This can include company newsletters that feature tips and tricks for how to be more active or using social media to encourage your staff to stay fit.

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