Feature Focus: Adding Members to a Family Account

Feature Focus: Adding Members to a Family Account

Ever wished you could group contacts together and easily identify their relationships to each other? With Xplor Recreation's family account feature, you can add family members to shared accounts, enabling them to share membership credits and cash rewards, create a family login, and view everyone's information from a single account page.


Who would use this feature?

Convenient for your front desk staff to identify customer relationships, adding family members to a family account is easy. Once members are added to a family account, the primary contact for that account can log in and manage all the information for all related family members as well as their own.


How does this feature benefit my staff and customers?

Think of a family account as a one-stop-shop for shared resources and information. If a family has shared credit or a shared credit card, it will show up on the family account and be usable to anyone in the family. Similarly, balances owed are also easily viewable, allowing your staff to follow up with overdue payments right away. Family accounts are also great for sharing family memberships and punch pass memberships.


Great! Tell me more!

By default, the first contact you create for the account is the primary contact. You can change this by checking the primary contact box when adding a new member to the account. There can only be one primary contact.

Your staff can also identify relationships of family members to the primary contact. This can be done by clicking the Relation link under the contact name to select from the picklist,or by clicking Manage Items at the bottom of the list to add relationship labels.

For a step-by-step guide on how to add members to a family account and to learn more about how they work, read our help file.

For more information on managing memberships, visit our knowledge base.


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