Feature Focus: Search and Filter Available Facilities

Feature Focus: Search and Filter Available Facilities

Running an organization with over 200 facilities can be tough when you’re searching for the appropriate facility to meet your customer’s booking requirements. Xplor Recreation’s Availability Search for Advanced Reservation makes it easy for your staff to find the facilities best suited to meet your customer’s event requirements. Let our system take out the guesswork and make booking the perfect facility, hassle-free.



Who would use this feature?

The powerful search functionality can be used by your organization's front desk staff, facility booking clerk, or even the manager of facility rentals. Anyone at your organization booking facility rentals can save time when booking birthday parties, meetings, campsites, court rentals and more.



How does this feature benefit my customers?

Xplor Recreation's Availability Search allows your staff to have a quicker turnaround time for your customers when it comes to booking rentals. They can provide your customers with alternate facilities and time slots if your customer's chosen time or facility is not available.

This feature can be used for a customer looking to book a tennis court for one hour each week between the hours of 6:00pm and 9:00pm on Monday or Wednesday evenings for the next four weeks. Your front desk staff can provide options quickly by applying a few search filters without having to put a phone customer on hold or requiring them to wait during busy times of the day.



Neat! Show me how it’s done!

  1. Navigate to the Advanced Reservation page, under the Facilities tab
  2. Use Availability View to see all facilities
  3. Search and filter results using Availability Search on the left panel
  4. Filter results by Calendar, Services, Locations, Facility Type and Amenities
  5. For the facility and day you wish to book, click on the available (green), or partially available (yellow) time block, and click the start time to continue with the booking.




Ready to make a reservation? Use this help file to guide you through the process.


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