How to Offer Inclusive Community Classes

How to Offer Inclusive Community Classes

The New Year is a great time to offer some new and exciting classes at your community center. It’s an excellent opportunity to introduce diversity and provide unique ways that can help your community embrace the different cultures and people that make it great. Inclusivity is key and it can create a safer, stronger community. Here are some ideas for fun classes that embrace diversity to offer at your community center.


Teach Languages

Language classes are a great way to literally get your community talking. They provide members with an opportunity to learn something that they may have been wanting to for a long time, but never had the chance. Offering different levels for languages such as Spanish, Mandarin, and French, will also give your community the chance to meet individuals they may not otherwise encounter in their usual social groups.


Get Them Cooking

Food is the perfect window for looking into a culture with which one may otherwise not be familiar. Every week, you could invite a community member to cook and share the recipe with community center users. This will introduce your community to food that may be foreign to them, but provide a terrific opportunity to try something new, meet new people, and hopefully engage in discussions that may enlighten them about other cultures.


Offer Niche Classes

One of the best parts about serving your community is being able to explore all of the unique offerings the many different ethnic groups in your area have to offer. For example, your community center could provide classes for Chinese calligraphy, sauerkraut making, or belly dancing to get people excited over learning something different than what they’re used to.


Dedicate a Day to Diversity

In addition to providing classes that promote and embrace diversity, consider holding a full day that’s dedicated to it. The best way to get people excited over your new classes is to educate them on why they are exciting and show that the perceived differences within your community are a positive thing that makes your community unique. Invite everyone from the neighborhood and organize food from different cultures and involve as many people as you can. These types of events can break down barriers and offer a platform for open conversation.

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