Effective Facility Integration: How to Sync Your Facility with One Easy Management Platform

Effective Facility Integration: How to Sync Your Facility with One Easy Management Platform

Streamlining the processes within your facility won’t only reduce your workload, but it can also minimize potential errors that can affect your day-to-day functions. Management platforms are great for this reason, allowing you to spend more time on tasks that can help propel your organization to success. Here’s how to do just that.


Start With Your Staff

Your staff is the backbone of your business. Syncing your facility to a management platform is a great opportunity to go through your system to update their information so that you have the most relevant and up-to-date details, including addresses, emergency contacts, and birthdays. Having this compiled into one tidy document should make things easier when you migrate your business over to a management platform system, which should give you easy access to all of your staff’s info.


Proceed With Your Members

Ensuring that your members’ information is current should be something that’s done regularly, so see this as another opportunity to check in with your members, old and new. Similar to your staff, be sure to record relevant information like your members’ addresses, emergency contacts, birthdays, anniversary with your facility, and more. Your management platform should then use this information and remind you of important dates, as well as overdue payments, to help you better manage memberships.


Integrate Booking

Facility management software should be able to let your members book online from any device at any time. Once you’ve integrated all of your members’ information, you should then set up your online booking. This function should allow members and drop-ins to book classes seamlessly, with their reservation showing up on your end as well.

You can also increase your member retention rate with an attendance-tracking system that can help proactively monitor cancellation indicators. A self check-in option will allow your members to check themselves in from any device, furthering the efficiency of your management platform.


Don’t Forget About Marketing

An effective facility management platform should also help you with your marketing needs. Marketing automation should help you nurture your prospects and members, as well as help you create, track, and measure all of your campaigns in one place, freeing up your time so you can focus on your facility’s other needs. Record the usernames and passwords from the social media platforms that you’re currently using so you can sync the profiles with the facility management platform. As well, record your marketing data, so that you can properly track and see whether or not your new facility management platform is serving your marketing goals.

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