5 Tips for Marketing Your Online Workout Videos and Livestreams

5 Tips for Marketing Your Online Workout Videos and Livestreams

Just because you cannot hold your workout classes face to face anymore doesn’t mean you can’t still reach out to your audience and keep promoting your content. If you want to get into livestreaming or creating video content for your fitness classes, there are five essential tips to keep in mind.


1. Set up your Social Media

As you move your business in the online medium, it is important to start properly advertising your content on social media. Nowadays, platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or Twitch are incredibly useful for people who want to hold livestreams or upload and distribute their videos. Not only that but using one of these platforms for promoting your own website is also highly recommended.

Allison Green, business writer at Elite assignment help and Boomessays states that social media marketing is a highly creative process, as you get to decide what type of promotion would suit your content and appeal to your audience the best. Marketing for livestream workout classes could be done in the form of video trailers, or Instagram stories posted during your livestream, which contain a link to your livestream. Another way to gain more audience would be to share your streaming schedule on your social media and keep it constantly updated, as well as show video content from previous livestreams, to show new followers what to expect.

Another medium that could help you keep in touch with your audience better is e-mail. Through e-mail, you can always easily keep your clients up to date with your virtual content and your schedule, and you can even reach out to past clients, to offer your services once again in online format.

2. Have a proper video set up

One thing to always keep in mind when streaming is properly setting up your space beforehand. Any small details that you overlook could make your videos seem less professional.

Testing your internet connection is an essential part of preparing your livestream. At the same time, make sure you use a device with a good quality camera, and that the device is always fully charged or plugged in while streaming. If you are using certain apps to hold your livestream, familiarize yourself with their functions and be ready to quickly solve any technical difficulties that might occur.

According to Rachel Lauren, tech writer at Oxessays and State of writing, it is important to make sure you have good lighting, a minimal space with no distractions, and easy access to any props you might be using during the video. If you want to include background music, you need to make sure it isn’t too close to the recording device, so that you can still be easily heard. The recording device itself needs to be mounted in one place and stabilized, in order to avoid any movements during the livestream. The position in which you set it up solely depends on the angle you want to have in your videos, as you also need to make sure your whole body can be visible to your audience.

3. Run a fitness challenge

A great incentive for your audience to engage in your classes could be taking part in a fitness challenge. One of the most popular challenges is the ‘before and after’ challenge, where you ask your followers to post photos of themselves before and after your workout. Such challenges can feel extremely rewarding to your clients, as they get the chance to pursue their hobby as well as show it to the world. Bringing a sense of competitiveness into the challenge might also keep them motivated and engaged with your livestreams.

Furthermore, this method can help your audience expand as more people take part in the challenge and they post photos on your page as well as their own accounts. Encouraging them to use certain tags when posting photos is also a great way to promote your content to a wider audience.


4. Improve your business’ online presence

Now that you have moved your business in the virtual world, it is important to understand how to do proper search engine optimization for your content. You need to make sure your content is easy to find on any search engine, as people rarely look beyond the first page of searches.

An important part of SEO is integrating the proper keywords and search terms in your written content. For this, you need to do some background research on what keywords are typically used for content similar to yours, as well as what search terms are ranked highest when it comes to usage.

Understanding what processes are involved in SEO is essential to having a broad online presence. Not only that, but learning some basic digital marketing skills will definitely prove beneficial for your business in the long run.

5. Offer rewards to loyal clients

A great method to advertise your business is showing your gratitude to current clients, and what better way to do that than by offering rewards? These rewards could be offered for anything, for example completing a certain number of classes. Another way to include rewards into your marketing plan is by having a referral scheme in place. Through referral programmes, current subscribers can get some extra benefits by bringing a new client to subscribe to your content.

These rewards don’t have to be expensive or sophisticated. Offering nutritional or fitness advice or 1 on 1 workout sessions are some examples of potential prizes to your clients.

Your business does not need to be affected by the new stay-at-home prevention measures. By following these methods, you ensure that your clients can still enjoy the same quality content they were used to, this time in online format.

Molly Crockett is a successful marketing writer and Big Assignments and Write my paper, and she loves sharing her unique lifestyle tips and personal development advice with her audience. She writes for Revieweal blog.



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