New Features Release Version 5.1.5 & 5.1.6

New Features Release Version 5.1.5 & 5.1.6

The Xplor Recreation development team has been hard at work to bring you features to help attract new members, connect your community and keep your business running efficiently.


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PoS and Online Checkout

  • There may be certain payment methods that your organization never wants to refund to for accounting reasons, such as cash or cheque 
  • You can now set certain payment methods to be unavailable for refunds, avoiding any refunds made to those payment methods by mistake 
  • Refunds can be made to credit instead 



  • The Staff Payment Estimate report is now ordered by activity date and name, making it easier to find the information needed

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  • To make sure that every new sign up is indeed a person, a CAPTCHA can be added to sign up forms for customers to confirm

Facility Booking

  • You may wish to see which extras are included in which contracts 
  • The new Facility Contract Extras report shows the extras included in each contract

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