New Features Release Version 5.1.7

New Features Release Version 5.1.7

5.1.7 Release Notes

The Xplor Recreation development team has been hard at work to bring you features to help attract new members, connect your community and keep your business running efficiently.

Webinar Recording

Please Note: The release webinar format has changed to a Q&A format and does not demo each feature. Please select the preview link for each key feature below to see detailed walk-through videos.


Allow Waitlist Members to Confirm Their Own Spots

  • Allowing the member at the top of an activity waitlist to accept a spot themselves when it becomes available offers more convenience for both the member and staff
  • A friendly email can now be automatically sent to a waiting member when a spot opens up, allowing the member to confirm the spot or decline to give someone else a chance
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Detail Extra Costs on Registration Confirmation

  • A range of additional merge fields now allow you to itemize the Extras charged when members register for programs

Choose how to Advise an Activity is Closed Online

  • You now have the option of renaming the label for closed activities online so you can use your preferred messaging
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Adjust the Refund Amount When Cancelling a Class

  • Session lengths may vary for some courses and a straightforward pro-rata refund may not be applicable when you need to cancel a class
  • It's now possible to amend the refund amount to one that is most appropriate for the particular situation
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Use Multiple Facilities More Precisely

  • Facility usage can now be blocked-off more precisely for events that span multiple facilities in a given day
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Option to Track Attendance Via Signing

  • You may have programs where it is best to track attendance by signing-in and signing-out, such as childcare
  • New weekly and monthly Activity Attendance Sheet reports provide signing sheets in the right format
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Organize Roster by Cost Center and see Resident Count

  • You can now view the Event Roster by Series, Event Roster with Attendance Sheet and Attendance Sheet reports by a particular Cost Center
  • The Event Roster with Attendance Sheet can now also be used to compare residents with nonresidents in terms of numbers and fees

Organize Activity Registration Summary by Cost Center and Resident status

  • To review registrations by the cost center they relate to, you can now include Cost Center in the Activity Registration Summary and choose to filter or group by Cost Center
  • You can also see whether the registrations were from residents or non-residents and the total fees for each
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Tie Questionnaire Responses to Events or Revenue

  • For easy matching, you can now search the Prompts report by Event ID and see the associated GL
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Facility Booking

Search for Consecutive Weeks of Availability

  • When choosing a suitable facility for a requested time-slot, you may wish to focus on the facilities that have that same time-slot available for several weeks consecutively
  • It's now possible to specify your search requirements as consecutive in Advanced Reservation to help find the best fit
  • You can also now export the availability options found or email them directly to interested clients
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Choose Amendment Cycle to View

  • When working on a facility contract, you may need to refer back to see which changes were made at a specific point in the past
  • You can now choose which amendment cycle to look at when reviewing an amendment summary or details
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See Taxes on Facility Booking Report

  • For easy reference, taxes are now included as an additional column on the Facility Booking report
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Review the GL Assignment of Facility Bookings

  • To help with reconciliation, you may wish to see the expected revenue per account based on the day of booking
  • You can use the new Facility Booking with GL Assignment report to see the GLs associated with each booking
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View Contract Extras based on Status

  • You can now filter the Facility Contract Extra report by Contract Status to focus on certain items, for example, security deposits for completed contracts
  • You can also now choose to exclude returned items, so for example, you can review deposits that have not been returned
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View Tentative Facility Usage

  • You may wish to view the usage details of facility contracts that are in a tentative state before they are confirmed
  • The Facility Usage report has been enhanced to allow inclusion of contracts in a tentative state
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Allow Your Members to View Their Account Statement Online

  • Rather than having members ask staff for confirmation of their transaction history, you may wish to save time and allow members to look up the information directly
  • You can now choose to allow members to access their account statement from their online profile
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Allow Members to Access Their Own Tax Receipts Online

  • It's now possible to allow members to access their tax receipt on their online profile, adding convenience and reducing enquiries
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Specify Tax Credit Qualified Default

  • Depending on your region, items may usually be qualified for tax credits or not
  • You can use Settings to specify the default tax credit status for each type of item created
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Reverse a Payment to Account Credit

  • You may have payments made by parents that third parties later contribute to, for example when subsidy is granted
  • Select staff can now have the ability to reverse a payment to account credit once a third party contribution has been confirmed. The account credit can then be used to pay a smaller portion of the invoice
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Enhanced A/R Aging Summary Report

  • The A/R Aging Summary report can now show the account balance and shared credit along with financial notes that can be left on the member or account profile
  • For more specific reporting, the A/R Aging Summary can now be filtered on the location of the item sold as well as the usual location of the purchaser
  • To aid with reconciliation, Customer Adjustments are now included on the A/R Aging Summary Report
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View Debit on Payments With GL Assignment

  • On the Payment With GL Assignment report Debit Payments and Transaction numbers are now listed explicitly for easier reconciliation

Organize Revenue Reports by Cost Center

  • To review revenue by the cost center it relates to, you can now include Cost Center in the Detailed Deferred Revenue report and choose to filter or group by Cost Center
  • You can also see Cost Center in the Sales Information Report and Course Revenue Report and filter by it
  • You can now see Cost Center in the Monthly Revenue Forecast report too


Reach Members by Texting Their Phones

  • To increase the chances of more members seeing important communications, you may wish to send them by text message in addition to email
  • SMS communications can now be set up to keep your members in the loop
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Point of Sale

Offer Memberships for Sale Online

  • Sell more memberships by making them available online using widgets embedded directly on your own website or hosted on the Xplor Recreation domain
  • Customers can search memberships by keyword and filter them by various attributes
  • Whether buying for oneself or others, the simplified flow is quick and easy in both guest and member modes
  • This first phase supports fixed-term memberships without payment plans

Point of Sale

Sell Activities in the POS

  • Save time at the front desk by taking payment for activities as quickly as possible
  • Activities can now be found and sold directly in the POS, and assigned to buttons for even quicker selection
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Move from Purchase Through to Transaction Record

  • Right after completing a purchase staff may wish to perform further actions related to the transaction, such as making a payment on a subsequent invoice
  • The POS payment confirmation screen now offers a direct link to the profile transaction record
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Subsidy Rules Applied to Online Checkout

  • Recent subsidy rules around item type, age range and percentage minimum now apply to online Checkout 2.0 as well as POS
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