New Features Release Version 5.2.4

New Features Release Version 5.2.4

The Xplor Recreation development team has been hard at work to bring you features to help attract new members, connect your community and keep your business running efficiently.

Webinar Recording

Please Note: The release webinar format has changed to a Q&A format and does not demo each feature. Please select the preview link for each key feature below to see detailed walk-through videos.

Accounting & Billing

Amendment 1.5 - Deferred Revenue

  • We have applied the new deferral logic to amendment 1.5 for facility booking
  • The system will now defer revenue to the day of booking in all cases, where in past the earliest date the system would recognize is the invoice date
  • This improvement applies to both bookings and equipment extra
  • There are settings in the backend custom.setup that need to be enabled
  • Leave your feedback for PM-I-5564

Deferred Revenue - Facility Booking

  • The system will now defer revenue to the day of booking in all cases, where in past the earliest date the system would recognize is the invoice date
  • This improvement applies to both bookings and equipment extra
  • There are settings in the backend custom.setup that need to be enabled
  • This feature is available without amendment 1.5
  • Leave your feedback for PM-I-4862

Deferred GL - Membership per Location

  • With the ability to configure location-specific deferred revenue GLs for memberships for all locations, your membership setup is maximally flexible
  • Users may now select custom GLs per location when configuring the deferred revenue GLs for memberships for all locations.
  • Leave your feedback for PM-I-5784

General Ledger Report - GL Extensions

  • Many organizations tend to keep the GL Account number standard across locations but still wants the ability to differentiate the revenue by having a different suffix or prefix
  • You can now enable General Ledger Report to show GL balance for each GL Account with its extension
  • Leave your feedback for PM-I-5583

Manual Journal Entry - System GL

  • This enhancement is to allow user to make manual journal entry with system GL account including Payment GL, and Accounts Receivable with given permission
  • This functionality provide the ability to select any system gl account for manual journal entry
  • Leave your feedback for PM-I-5588

Withdrawal Fee GL Account Option

  • To allow withdrawal fee that applied to facility booking to use same revenue gl account as withdrawn items
  • This feature should be used for organization that wants its withdrawal fee to be posted with the same revenue gl account as the items withdrawn from
  • Leave your feedback for PM-I-5684

Calendar & Events

Custom Booking - Holds

  • Days selected in the registration and amendment process for custom booking, will now be held until they are processed on POS/Checkout or abandoned/released
  • For admin staff, to view the holds details on a particular day, you can hover on the day with the icon
  • For online customers, the registration screen will simply show the icon for days they have chosen and held, as detailed holds information is not made available for customers
  • Leave your feedback for PM-I-5466

Custom Bookings - Amendment View

  • Staff and customers will now be able to see any amendments made to their custom booking registrations for any amendment made along with the dollar value impact to their registration
  • This will assist in reviewing the changes made to custom booking transactions over time, and in addition add supplemental detail for the registration confirmation
  • Leave your feedback for PM-I-4030

Event Prerequisites - Services

  • Often, the prerequisites for a course can be satisfied by any course associated with a particular service
  • Now admins can save time when setting up courses by simply selecting one or more services as a prerequisite, not a series of individual courses
  • Service prerequisites can be selected together with a required outcome as well, such as “Pass”
  • Leave your feedback for PM-I-3997

PM Scan - Drop-in Events

  • We have improved the handling of drop-in events with custom settings and logic enhancements
  • Drop-in events will utilize existing and new settings and interpret them differently from other events like registered courses
  • You can now add one set of open events based on your schedule, for activities such as "Open Swim" or "Weight Room", and have accurate attendance and scanning tracking
  • Leave your feedback for PM-I-5426

Waitlist & Holds Improvement

  • When a spot held for an event is released, the system will now take the next person on the waitlist and move them into pending confirmation, providing automatic waitlist settings are enabled
  • During registration days when demand is high for events and programs, this feature improvement will ensure all customers have a fair chance at obtaining the spots that come available in the order in which they were waitlisted for
  • Leave your feedback for PM-I-5510

Contacts & Accounts

Document - Required Signature

  • When sending a document for signature using send to sign or save and send, the system will not allow the document to be submitted or signature box to be completed without a signature being added
  • Leave your feedback for PM-I-3036

Schedule View - Add to Calendar

  • Customers can now add their events to their calendar, or additional calendars, after they have completed their registrations
  • Customers may have forgotten to add their events to their calendar, want to add to additional calendars, or were not logged into the proper device when making the initial registration
  • Leave your feedback for PM-I-5623

Schedule View - Event Details

  • When hovering over the event name in list view, you can now see additional information like location, dates and instructor
  • This feature is available on the contact schedule view for admin staff, as well for customers through their online portal to help improve usability for the online experience
  • Leave your feedback for PM-I-5622

Facility Management

Facility Agreement - Payments

  • Show payment details such as payment type on the Facility Contract Agreement document
  • Payment details can be shown with invoices or independently
  • Leave your feedback for PM-I-2692

PM Scan - Facility Booking Events

  • We have added the handling of facility booking events with custom settings and logic enhancements
  • Facility booking events will utilize existing and new settings and interpret them differently from other events like registered courses
  • Creating facility booking events with the new settings and logic, will capture the accurate unique visit statistics that many parks and recreation find valuable
  • Leave your feedback for PM-I-5429

Global Settings

Fee Rollover - Fee Names

  • The fee rollover process has been improved to provide placeholder names and ability to find/replace, as well as add a prefix or suffix to the fee names
  • You can now perform your fee rollover tasks more quickly and easily with these new enhancements
  • Leave your feedback for PM-I-5662

Fee Update - Object Views

  • We have provided the update fee prices button on the object view for fees to make use of the existing view, filter and grouping functionality
  • Using object views, with filters and adding groupings, makes the initial fee selection process easier and overall fee management, update and rollover process more streamlined
  • Leave your feedback for PM-I-5663

Online Experience

Appointment Booking - Mobile Responsive

  • Customers online can now make appointment bookings more easily on their mobile devices
  • Customers can see all the information they need when making their appointment bookings for your organization to ensure they are selecting the correct date and time
  • Leave your feedback for PM-I-5634

Custom Booking - Online Usability

  • We have made some improvements to the usability and flow for the customers online custom booking experience
  • Customers can now checkout fully with their selections for the initial registration
  • Leave your feedback for PM-I-5780

Online Sales - Available Quantity

  • When enabled, this feature ensures that items with limited available quantities such as inventory products and tickets cannot be oversold online
  • Items with no remaining units will not disappear or simply be disabled, but be clearly marked as sold out
  • This feature may be seen in action on public- and member-facing product views and on Checkout 2.0
  • Leave your feedback for PMEN-I-657

Reports & Analytics

Activity Roster Form

  • A new report called Activity Roster Form - Daily
  • A daily roster sheet with blank columns users can add to use for writing in any required information or using as a headcount check-box
  • Leave your feedback for PM-I-4252

Consolidated Attendance Report

  • A new report called Consolidated Attendance report
  • Estimate the number of people within a given location
  • Filter for dates, attendance type, and locations
  • Leave your feedback for PMEN-I-1237

Detailed Deferred Revenue

  • A new start date filter to give the ability to retrieve deferred revenue GL postings on a date range, rather than up to a point in time
  • Ability to filter by revenue GL cost center
  • Leave your feedback for PM-I-5448

Event Roster Report

Registration Comparison Report

  • A new report called Registration Comparison report
  • A way to count registrations online or through the front desk, on a per minute, per hour, or daily basis
  • Filter for dates, event attributes, and locations
  • Leave your feedback for PM-I-3743

Staff Payment Estimate

  • Show the fees for the course on the summary page
  • Show information about the instructor pay rate on the detail page
  • Show/hide options for more columns on the summary page
  • Leave your feedback for PM-I-4256

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