Make Loaning Out Equipment Easier Than Ever At Your Parks and Recreation Centers

Make Loaning Out Equipment Easier Than Ever At Your Parks and Recreation Centers

For many parks and recreation facilities, loaning out equipment is a regular part of your offering. Whether that’s sometime large — like a kayak — or something small — like a basketball — it can become a bit of a mess if you’re trying to handle it manually. 

Xplor Recreation’s new rental equipment module makes loaning out equipment (free or paid) a breeze. With everything built in, you can see what’s available, take payment if required, and track everything along the way. Whether you’re looking to boost revenue, or just keep track of your equipment, Xplor Recreation has you covered. Read on to learn more about this process, and how Xplor Recreation can make it way easier to run rentals at your recreation facility.  


Renting large items

We recently worked with a client that offers services on a lake. They rent out boats like canoes and kayaks. Previously, they’d been doing this manually — a huge hassle for their team. Using notebooks and spreadsheets and sticky notes to try and keep track of:

  1. What’s available now and in the future
  2. Who has what items, and until when
  3. How much the renter has already paid
  4. Any collateral they left behind (e.g. a driver's license or state-issued ID) 

Handling all this manually certainly didn’t lend itself to them providing a great experience for their community. The team couldn’t share when equipment would be available to rent, meaning clients couldn’t always book what they wanted, when they wanted.  And it didn’t help them maximize their revenue with the equipment they have. They often had equipment sitting unused because customers didn’t know it was available.

Enter the new Rental Equipment module from Xplor Recreation! The team at the lake can now quickly see:

  1. What’s available right now, and into the future 
    Quickly view your daily schedule so you can help customers find exactly what they want.
  2. Who has what items and until when
    Easily see which of your clients has what equipment and when they’re scheduled to return them.
  3. What payment arrangements have been made
    For each rental you can set either a closed rental where your customer pays up front, or an open rental where they pay at the end for how much time they’ve used.
  4. Any additional notes about things like collateral
    Notes let your team track whatever they’d like. 

Not only does Xplor Recreation’s frictionless all-in-one system let you manage all your rental equipment and take payment, but you can also easily include add-ons for the different types of equipment. 

For example, our clients by the lake might include a back rest for the kayak as a paid add-on, or a life vest as a free add-on to track their inventory of different sized life vests. 

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Renting Small Items (Like Basketballs) 

Sometimes you just need to keep track of what equipment is with what client. For something as simple as a basketball you can quickly track who’s taking out the item. Then you can see right away what equipment is being used at any given time.

Your team will also know exactly what’s available for other customers (and who to follow up with if an item is missing). A quick, easy way to provide a great experience for your clients and make your teams’ lives just a little bit simpler. 

Make equipment rentals a breeze at your recreation facility 

Want to get started with equipment rentals? Xplor Recreation is your partner in maximizing revenue opportunities for your recreation department. Easily use our platform to keep track of rental agreements, what equipment is available, prevent double-bookings, and way more—you’ll be glad you did! 

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