Expert Tips for Successful School Outreach

Expert Tips for Successful School Outreach

Every academic institution wants to boost enrolment and see their attendance skyrocket. It's just a matter of how schools achieve these goals. So, how can you jumpstart its outreach program initiatives?


Top tips for Successful School Outreach 

Here are just a few ways to see enrolment numbers soar with successful school outreach.

Increase enrolments and engage the right students

Through this process, you will be able to focus your outreach program marketing efforts on those most likely attracted to your degree programs with precise targeting and high confidence. You’ll be able to tailor unique messaging to each audience, making their experience with your institution highly personalized. The result will be reductions in cost per enrolment, as well as, increased enrolment performance and profitability.

Articulate your Target Audience

What type of students do you want to start attending your school? If you specializes in specific programs for K-12 students, it will be imperative to address the interests and concerns of their parents or guardians, as these are the decision makers in their lives. However, this does not mean completely ignoring the student in question. Their input is valid, and if they don't feel listened to, they will not want to consider your school.

However, if you are building an outreach program for an institute of higher education, where the students are primarily adults, speaking directly to their interests will be imperative to successfully enrolling them.

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Analyze the Competitive Landscape

If you have the budget and resources, competitor research is a critical step in assessing your landscape. Conducting this research provides insights that data cannot provide alone. Once you have started on your competitor research, consider your school's own strengths, and what makes you different. Understanding all of these at an early stage will keep you on the right roadmap to success, instead of running into dead ends that lead nowhere.


Establish your Outreach Strategy

How do you want to communicate with your students? Believe it or not, this is a huge part of how your brand appears to others. Creating a unique communication strategy will have you sure that all of your messaging stays true to your school's individual mission and voice. With this in place, all of the communication from your marketing and programs will be united under a united brand that allows target students to truly get to know your institution through your school outreach nurture journey.

This is where Xplor Recreation's marketing automation tools come into play. Keep students engaged with our built-in marketing automation tools. Using automation, you can efficiently and effectively connect with potential students while maximize your delivery and opened email rates.

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Build Resilient Relationships through a Robust Nurture Process 

After potential students apply to your school, they’ve indicated a level of interest that goes far past just requesting information. It's true that they haven't picked your school just yet, but they’ve demonstrated that they’re open to the idea of attending. That’s why you need to keep going, even if it's because an application has been submitted. In fact, this is the perfect time to nurture applicants toward selecting your institution as the place they want to further their education. 

Use Xplor Recreation's web-based school management software to deepen relationships with your students! Our built-in email, voice broadcast, and SMS system ensure you can always reach students and members regarding school closures, program changes, and more.


Leverage School Management Software to Prospect, Engage & Nurture

Your school outreach nurture journey may just be the most important piece of the puzzle. If your nurture journey is confusing, too fast, or too slow, your applicants will lose interest and all your other efforts will be for nothing. If you have the capacity to create several plans that address different audience types, this will yield even better results. Keep in mind that your nurture journey shouldn't just be email or phone calls. Texting and social media messaging can all be part of the nurture journey, too. 

Our powerful but easy-to-use software does the hard work for you so you can focus on what matters most: growing and enriching your community. Using workflows, save time and reduce your administration workload by automating repetitive tasks and business processes. 

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Turn Prospects into Students with Xplor Recreation School Management Software

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