Effective Summer Camp Management Tools

Effective Summer Camp Management Tools

When you run a summer camp, your to-do list is never finished. When it comes to registration, scheduling, your camper database, and managing staff time off requests, it can get overwhelming. Whether you have experience in the camping industry as a team member, or are entering the field for the first time, you will need a guide to get you started in running the summer camp of your dreams.

Summer camp is a wonderful place where children create lifelong memories that they will look back on fondly for the rest of their lives. And, having a summer camp management system which works like a well-oiled machine helps wonders when it comes to providing campers with a positive, unforgettable experience. 


Must-Have Tools for Effective Summer Camp Management

One of the best things you can decide on when you start up a summer camp is how you will be managing your day-to-day operations. With camp management software like Xplor Recreation, you can save your time and effort spent on paper work on more important things—like your campers.

From document management to registration and everything in between, here is our guide to starting your summer camp on the right foot.

Online Camp Registration

Do you have all the necessary tools to prepare for a smooth registration process? If you are storing your camper database on a spare napkin next to your cup of coffee, it might be time to rethink your management system. Camp management software, such as Xplor Recreation, can keep track of your campers, schedules, bookings, registrations, and even team members. Plus, you can process payments, facilitate contactless check-in, and way more. 

Give your campers simple, straight-forward camp registration and sell add-ons to enhance the booking experience. Allow campers and their parents to book easily with online registration from a fully responsive camp management system. Xplor Recreation allows your campers or their parents to register and pay online 24/7 on any device.

Parent Dashboard 

It goes without saying, parents are keenly invested into what their children get up to during summer camp. Not only do they want to know their children are in good hands, they also want to know that their money is being invested wisely in a summer camp program that will nurture their children.

This is why you need to be clear, transparent and open with how summer camp is going for their children. Allowing a platform where parents can get frequent updates on what their children are up to not only assures them their money was well-spent, it also allows them to check in and put their minds at ease while their children are away.

Xplor Recreation provides parents with an easy-to-update dashboard with all the information they need about your camp. Allow parents or guardians of your campers to stay up to date with their children's time at camp.


Seamless Scheduling

Before solidifying a camp schedule, think critically about how moving from each activity will flow for your campers and camp counsellors. When you get caught up planning a camp schedule, it’s easy to miss small details that could cause huge delays. After all, you are on a tight schedule—you don’t want to oversee potential catastrophes!

Manage your campers, staff members, and parents in your database with ease! Xplor Recreation offers a clean, organized cloud-based camp management dashboard system to keep everything in order. Take care of everything from notes on campers to grouping family members together. 

Secure Payment Management

How much will summer camp cost for your camper, and by further extent, their parents? This could be influenced by the length/number of days campers attend, or the type of campers attending. For example, campers who are younger may require more attention than their older counter parts, or older campers may require more specialized programs to keep them engaged and interested. These are all important decisions to consider.

Processing dozens of payments doesn't have to be a nightmare. Xplor Recreation's advanced software can effortlessly complete multiple transactions in a single payment using different payment tools and options are available to fit any situation!


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